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Residential Website Instructions
Gateaccess is the section of the website dedicated to monitor your guests, vendors and authorized visitors' lists. This is a separate section, with a different log in, than the intranet information site.

 1. Access - Http://

From IE address bar and not from a search bar. The website works best with Internet Explorer. You may experience problems using other browsers.

2. Enter phone number.

  1. The system may use multiple numbers for multiple addresses. The phone number must include the area code.
  2. The most current home number that the SOA office has on file was imported into the system. If your phone numbers have changed, try a previous number. You do not need dashes between numbers.
  3. Whatever main number was listed was used so it is possible the number is a cell number.

3. Enter Pin.

  1. Your default pin is your property number and must be 4 digits.
  2. If your property number is only 3 digits please start the sequence with a zero.
  3. Again, the pin is unique to the phone number we have assigned to the property and may not be your current phone number.

4. Log In.

  1. Please provide you email address.  
  2. On initial log in, you will be asked to change your pin. You may keep the same one, but for security reasons we ask you to change it.
  3. A security question will be required. You will choose the question from the drop down box.
  4. Make sure to write your pin and security question down and secure it in case you forget.
  5. Click Submit. You will be redirected back to the log in page. Retype the phone number and pin. Remember you must include the area code in the phone number.
  6. You should be directed to the main page.

 5. Main Page.

  1. Has contact Information.
  2. Vehicles – The vehicles listed on the website will be associated with your address or remote entry device. It is managed by administration. It is a living database and will not contain any information about your current SOA owner’s decal. Security maintains a separate database with that information.

6. Guests Tab

  1. This is your guest entry page.
  2.  The most important fields are last name, first name, start and expiration date.
  3. You can manually type the date or use the calendar.
  4.  If they are your permanent guests, or a guest you wish to have unlimited access to your home, enter 12/31/9999 in the expiration date box.
  5.  Please note that it make take as long as 15 minutes to get this information across the network so we ask you enter this information as soon as possible.

7. Guest Activity Tab

  1. This is information entered from the gates about guests that have arrived.
  2. They may or may not be on your expected guest list. Column one (Date) indicates the date and time they arrived. If they were denied access, it will appear also.

8. Parties/Events Tab

If you are having a party, you can list all names in this section, and once submitted, they will default into your guest list. You may cut and paste them from another location such as a word document.

9. Log Out Tab.

 It is very important that you log out each time to ensure the data is transferred as soon as possible.

If you need further support, please contact Boca Highland at (561) 391-2461 or email

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